Axis Export, Inc.


Axis Export is in business since 1999, with a proven track record of reliability, quality and service


We currently export a large volume of equipment to many countries, including USA, Central and South America (Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador, Columbia, Costa Rica, and more.) Most of our customers are loyal repeat buyers for used laptops and computers.

We service importers, wholesalers, resellers and distributors on the global scale. Customers can arrange personalized shipments based on their specific needs. Pallets and containers are shipped from our warehouses in Miami USA or from Canada to the destination of your choice.

We also service Small businesses on the local market in Canada for smaller quantity purchases.


In collaboration with our industry partners, we provide access to a wide range of computer equipment. These are reused or recycled depending on their functionality, in the goal of respecting and encouraging the zero waste principles of electronic products.

Auditing and testing are done in our facilities in the USA and Canada.

Each unit is fully tested, graded and repaired or upgraded if needed. Any broken or defective parts identified in testing are replaced and units cleaned during the process.

Inventory of available products is updated on a daily basis and product lots are then offered to our overseas clients, where each order can be customized to customers’ specifications.

We offer shipping and handling services from our warehouses in Miami (USA) and Montreal (Canada) thanks to our partnerships with freight forwarders and competitive shipping freights for delivery to the port of destination.


All inventory destined for sale is thoroughly re-tested and standardized before leaving our warehouse and configured to meet our customers specific needs.

We offer a large variety of desktop and laptop computers: C2D/C2Q, Core i3/i5/i7 of Intel processors.

  • Dell Optiplex/Precision desktops
  • Dell Latitude notebooks
  • HP Pro/Elite series desktops
  • HP Elitebook/Probook notebooks
  • Lenovo ThinkCenter desktops
  • Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks
  • All-In-One PCs
  • Tablets
  • Monitors 17 inches to 24 inches

Our inventory includes major brand second-hand computers : Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and more !


Lower price: Buying refurbished means you get a computer that is in good working condition for a significantly lower price. Second hand machines have usually been used for a couple years and are then repurposed to serve a second life. The hardware in each unit is audited, tested and components are checked for a maximum life span, all while benefitting from significant cost savings.

Reliability: Refurbished machines are as reliable as new ones and are equally good in performance. In the refurbishing process, parts and components could be upgraded, quality assurance testing is done as well as cleaning of the products.

Environmental benefits: By extending the life of a computer, you are helping reduce environmental waste. Recuperating perfectly working parts and very good condition hardware prevents environmentally toxic components being dumped unnecessarily and instead repurposed for longer use.

Access to Business-grade computers: New-in-box Business-grade computers are usually only available through corporate purchases. However, through the refurbishing process, these very sturdy machines that have a longer life span, become available to individual consumers.

Variety of merchandise: Access a wide array of products with different performance levels and large range of prices